Expense Reimbursement Workflow

Procurement departments use the Expense Reimbursement Flow to manage reimbursements for the acquisition of supplies and services. Once an Expense Reimbursement Form has been submitted by an employee, the supervisor collects all the required information. This information can then be extracted to the procurement database. Once in the database, employee reimbursements can be reviewed for approval, audits can be performed, and expense reports prepared.

Advanced Tools You Need to Automate Expense Reimbursement Claims

Sometimes there are situations when an employee pays for goods and services for the employer from their own resources. This can be the cost of travel, postage, lodging, or meals. 

We have specially designed a ready-made HTML form to initiate an Expense Reimbursement request to optimize the employee's communication with the Procurement department and to speed up and facilitate the business process of approval and money receipts.

airSlate sophisticated solution improves workflow management and gives your company the following benefits:

  1. No code automation.
  2. Quick setup procedure.
  3. Easiest onboarding.
  4. Boost in the efficiency of teamwork.
  5. Smart alert & notification Bots.
  6. Highly customizable Flows and tools.

Our innovative and easy-to-use platform with a single shared Workspace for teams makes the work of employees more comfortable and effects higher productivity. You can customize the Expense Reimbursement request and the approval process to the unique needs of your business.

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Documents & Forms included:
Expense Reimbursement
13 Fillable fields
Expense Attachment
3 Fillable fields
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Pre-fill from Google Sheets Bot
Pre-fill a Slate with data from a Google Sheet
Assign Slate Name Bot
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Export to Google Sheet Bot
Export data from a Slate to Google Sheets
Email Notification Postfinish Bot
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