Purchase Invoice Workflow

The Purchase Invoice Flow is used by procurement departments to automate the invoicing process for purchase orders. The procurement manager initiates the Purchase Invoice Flow to collect information needed to create, approve or decline an invoice for a purchase order. The data can also be used to update procurement/supplier records.

Manage Bills with airSlate’s Purchase Invoice Flow 

Usually, an invoice comes with a product or service but it may not be provided quickly. 

When received, it should be carefully compared to the purchase order to ensure conformity. If no obstacles occur at this stage, a check is further submitted to the payables department. However, in practice, the process is rarely smooth and fast. The automated Purchase Invoice is a solution that can help to speed it up. It enables vendors to submit their bills electronically and directly to the responsible departments. 

The other advantages include:

  1. Efficiently managed bottlenecks.
  2. Streamlined processing.
  3. Strengthened best practices. 
  4. Reduced costs for template handling.
  5. Avoided penalties for late payments.
  6. Seized opportunities for vendor early discounts.

airSlate not only saves time and costs during the automation of the check processing cycle. It also ensures the process is smooth, accurate, consistent and compliant with best practices.

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