Sales Discount Approval Workflow

The Sales Discount Approval Flow is used by Sales Departments to automate the process of approving special discounts for certain sales orders. The sales manager initiates the Sales Discount Approval Flow to collect information needed to calculate, approve or decline special discounts for customers. This data can also be uploaded to your CRM or any sales management software as well as used to update sales records.

Easily Get Sales Discount Approvals for Your Customers

Every businessman related to the provision of goods or services must understand that if discounts are not negotiated, it can result in increased debt or reduced profits. 

Their own goals guide some sales managers. And sometimes they make mistakes or forget about rules and regulations. That's why it's essential to automate the business process of sales discount approval within the company.

The automation of workflows for teams provides you with these advanced features:

  1. Reduce manual human errors.
  2. Optimize all business life cycles.
  3. Speed up the on-boarding procedure.
  4. Reduce the cost of software implementation.
  5. Track instant Flow progress.
  6. Create better cooperation conditions for employees and customers.

airSlate automation tools enable you to improve and streamline workflow management. 

Once completed Approval HTML form will be forwarded to the head of department or another authority, depending on the company structure. In a case when the request doesn't have enough information, it can be sent for revision or declined. The entire procedure may take up to 15 minutes.

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