Vehicle Request Workflow

Administration departments use the Vehicle Request Flow to collect and automate requests from staff members wishing to use a company vehicle for official purposes. When the Vehicle Request flow has been submitted, data from the Slate is used by the Administration department to process requests faster as well as collect all necessary information i.e. driver’s contact details, vehicle number, trip details, etc. The flow also significantly shortens the length of time for employees requesting vehicles to when they actually receive one.

Manage Vehicles With airSlate Vehicle Request

Companies often own vehicles since they give them more control over business-related situations. Company vehicles can be assigned to employees on a regular or temporary basis. If it is occasional, the staff is expected to file a request to the administration department. Processing of such requests is extremely time- and resource-consuming.

Businesses aiming at growth will always seek ways to improve day-to-day procedures and operations. In many cases, they just need an application that is easy to use and customized to the specific requirements of the company. For this reason, airSlate Vehicle Request Flow can be a solution. Implement it and experience the following advantages:

  1. Saved more time.
  2. Less risk for errors.
  3. Increased productivity.
  4. Scalable progress.

Automation of internal business processes brings companies immediate value and gives multiple opportunities for improvements in the future.

This eventually ensures accuracy, reliability, and smooth processing of documents.

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