Collecting Employee Feedback Workflow

The Employee Feedback Flow is used by HR departments to collect anonymous employee feedback via a custom URL available as a public link.

Automation setup:

  1. The Reminder Bot is configured to send email reminders to recipients that weren't able to complete the form within the specified time period.
  2. The Notification Bot is configured to notify the Flow Admin when a new survey has been submitted.
After every submission, the data from the employee feedback form is transferred to a Google spreadsheet or CRM. The HR department uses the submitted information for further analysis and insights as well as for pre-filling tax forms and HR documents.

Automate Employee Feedback Flow with airSlate

More and more companies are paying attention to their atmosphere in the office. By knowing the possible problems and positive sides, HR managers can easily improve their working environment.

Asking your employees for honest and constructive feedback helps you assess the strengths and weaknesses of the existing work-environment and identify areas that need improvement. Allowing employees to submit their feedback anonymously via an HTML form initiated from a public URL that neither provides their names or email can help reveal potential problems within a company.

The benefits of getting comments from employees with our service are the following:

  1. Simple Slate creation.
  2. Automation of HTML form processing with bots.
  3. Fast flow sharing via a public link.
  4. Anonymous collection of comments, which helps every filer to share their personal point of view freely.
  5. Every link receiver creates an individual revision. The original form remains untouched.

Making even minimal changes can motivate company workers to be more productive and feel happier. The collection of feedbacks should be held every eight to twelve months.

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