Vendor Registration Workflow

The Vendor Registration Flow is used by procurement departments to automate the process of registering new vendors in a company’s database. A new vendor adds their contact information as well as payment details and service details in the vendor registration form and submits it. The data from the form is automatically transferred to a company’s database and can be used to generate contracts, invoices and quotes.

Manage Suppliers Faster with AirSlate's Vendor Registration Flow

The Procurement Department that's concerned with looking for vendors, often faces a lot of document flow-related and bureaucratic obstacles. The typical situation is when one needs to request a vendors' data and upon reception to compute it. However, it is simpler and faster to email the vendor a link to the relevant HTML form and request that it be filled out.

Automated optimization of your Procurement core processes has a number of advantages:

  1. Reduces errors and improves the quality of the work done (forms filled out).
  2. Enables you to use time more efficiently.
  3. Saves human and other resources (paper, printer, ink). 
  4. Cancels restrictions on geographic limitations.
  5. Processes, saves, and stores the documents. 

Vendor Registration is a Workflow that will help optimize the Procurement business processes and enhance workflow management. At the same time, the suppliers will admit to the remarkable organizational level and simplicity in cooperation with you.

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Documents & Forms included:
New Vendor Registration Form
18 Fillable fields
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Pre-fill a Slate with data from a Google Sheet
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