Employee Job Offer Workflow

The Employee Job Offer Flow is used by HR departments to automate the process of capturing data and generating a new job offer letter.

Automation setup:

  1. The Pre-fill Bot is configured to pre-fill an offer letter by the HR manager with information that is already on hand (the employee's name, date of employment, etc.).
  2. The Reminder Bot is configured to send email reminders to each new employee to fill in their Employee Feedback Form.
  3. The Reminder Bot is configured to remind employees to finish filling any required Slates that weren't previously completed.
  4. The Notification Bot is configured to notify the HR and reporting managers once a form has been submitted.
Once new employees have completed and signed their Employee Feedback Forms, the HR manager gets a completion notification containing the form’s data. All offer letters and contracts completed by new employees are automatically added to the Job Offer flow and are ready to be reviewed by company staff.

Accelerate Job Offer Filing with airSlate

The Employee Job Offer Flow is made to simplify and automate the hiring process of a company. Using it, HR managers can minimize their efforts and speed up the process of communication with candidates. The slates are completed in a secure environment and each person has access to their own revision. The custom HTML form can easily be filled out and submitted.

The slate can be created immediately and the whole process is controlled by bots. Numerous users can easily join the workspace.

Slate creation and filing work like so:

  1. Create a workspace and follow up with setting up an HTML form.
  2. Add fields and bots for automatic pre-filling, notifications, and reminders.
  3. Copy the link from Invitation Settings and share it or add the receiver's email and a message with a link will go to that address.
  4. The receiver opens the message and starts filling out the form. Every person who gets a public link becomes a partner and has access only to the shared forms.
  5. Once it's done, the workspace owner gets a notification.

The processing of the Job Offer Flow goes fast and easy for both the creator and filer.

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Documents & Forms included:
Employee Job Offer
27 Fillable fields
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Bots included:
Pre-fill from Google Sheets Bot
Pre-fill a Slate with data from a Google Sheet
Assign Slate Name Bot
Assign a name for a completed Slate
Export to Google Sheet Bot
Export data from a Slate to Google Sheets
Email Notification Postfinish Bot
Configure and send out email notifications