Travel Reimbursement Workflow

The Travel Reimbursement Flow is used by accounting departments to automate employee travel reimbursement requests. The accounting manager initiates the Travel Reimbursement Flow to collect all needed information for automating a new travel reimbursement request. This information can be used to complete accounting records or update data in accounting software.

Speed up the process of Travel Expenses Reimbursement

If the company has international status or develop connections with partners from other cities, some employees should make a journey. After every business trip, the organization returns the money to the traveling person. For example, they return funds, the one paid for airplane tickets, accommodation, food. The employees may have difficulties with making a request for Travel Reimbursement, as there is no standard pattern, thus it is time-consuming. With airSlate, all steps, needed for the creation, approve and money transfer is fully automated.

The business can handle the process digitally, using the following features:

  1. Sharing the template via the link, sent by the system by e-mail.
  2. The HTML form, that helps to boost and simplify document processing.
  3. Setting up notifications helps the flow creator be aware of all actions, made inside of a slate.
  4. Reminders aimed to respond automatically, on the filer's or approver's inactivity in slate processing.

As a result, all employees will easily file the Travel Reimbursement, get approve and HTML form will go to accountants team for a cashback.

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Documents & Forms included:
Travel Reimbursement
31 Fillable fields
2 Fillable fields
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