airSlate Academy graduates: RPA with airSlate for certified public accountants

airSlate Academy graduates: RPA with airSlate for certified public accountants

This story of Brian, a recent airSlate Academy graduate, is the continuation of our series of dedicated blog posts about the learning experiences and enhanced professional prospects for those who choose RPA and business automation as their future career path.

The airSlate Academy offers free online certification programs, developed specifically for those who are fully aware of the increasingly important roles of no-code automation and citizen development in today’s economic context. The airSlate Academy offers free online certifications, developed for people aware of the important role of no-code automation and citizen development in today’s economic context. #nocode #automation @airSlateAcademy Click To Tweet

If you’re still unsure how relevant business automation could be for your personal development and future career, you’re welcome to read the stories we’ve collected from Zoom interviews with recent Academy graduates. Our graduates (who are primarily IT consultants and early-career professionals) have already applied the obtained knowledge in real-life business situations.

Student Profile:

Brian Dazo

Private consultant and a certified public accountant specializing in financial and regulatory reporting, mainly for the e-commerce and financial services industry.

For the month of October 2020, Brian completed seven courses at the airSlate Academy.

Background & motivation to become an airSlate Academy student:

Brian was hired by a CPA firm based in Puerto Rico. Just like thousands of other accountants around the world, they too have loads of paperwork going in and out of the office. Brian was hired to automate these paper-based processes and coordinate the initial setup of airSlate workflows for them. When Brian was invited to join, the firm already had airSlate in mind. Brian was hired because of his previous exposure to RPA and familiarity with its great potential to cut costs and increase productivity:

Looking at airSlate, I could see that it has a solid RPA when working with stacks of documents.
In my opinion, airSlate is mainly RPA for document workflows, as opposed to general RPA,

Future plans:


Brian was hired when the firm’s process automation was still in the early stages of development. Completing courses at the airSlate Academy was an integral part of this preparation process.

The firm’s plans pertaining to process automation include complete automation of the invoicing process, with automated routing, notifications, and automatic reminders sent to clients who are not responding.

After this automated invoicing test drive, full-scale automation of other accounting processes is next on the list.

Brian’s individual career plans and aspirations:

Having several years of experience in both the fields of accounting and consultancy, Brian is optimistic about the potential benefits of business automation and airSlate in particular:

One of the reasons why I agreed to this consulting role is because airSlate is an obviously powerful tool that can be implemented across different industries. And I can absolutely use these skills and knowledge in my future consultancy projects.
The scope of airSlate’s use cases is very wide and its logic is highly adjustable. I am very excited to become an airSlate consultant. This can be a big part of my offering to clients,

Students who have already completed courses at the airSlate Academy have the opportunity to become airSlate Partners.

The airSlate Partner Program was recently launched to satisfy the rapidly changing needs of private IT consultants and/or resellers.

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