Automating notary business: The story of Lenicio Noble, an airSlate Academy student

Automating notary business: The story of Lenicio Noble, an airSlate Academy student

Lenicio, a notary signing agent, started his business in the wake of the COVID pandemic. A random airSlate ad seen online helped him discover the possibilities of no-code document workflow automation in complicated, socially-distanced circumstances.

Lenicio Noble faced many challenges when moving his notary services online. Working with electronic documents — editing, eSigning, and saving completed documents to secure storage — required a specialized software solution. 

​​”Virtual signing isn’t a new thing, but for me, [the circumstances were], and that stopped me from moving forward as far as making sure that I was taking the needed precautions and protecting data and documents,” Lenicio recalls.

That’s when Lenicio came across an airSlate ad online. After doing some research, he realized that airSlate was the document workflow automation solution he had been looking for. 

What Lenicio found the most helpful about it was its integration with the third-party apps he was already using.“pdfFiller and signNow are the main two components that I needed, and I realized I didn’t need to go anywhere else,” says Lenicio.

How airSlate Academy paved the way toward automation

A few airSlate Academy courses were enough for Lenicio to understand airSlate’s potential value for him, his business, and his customers. Lenicio started with the basics, software overview, and business process mapping, which gave him sufficient knowledge to begin creating the automated workflows he needed. 

Overall, Lenicio completed 20 courses at the airSlate Academy to master various aspects of no-code workflow automation.

“The biggest skill I’ve learned so far and am working on is how to integrate notary services. How I will get somebody from another platform that doesn’t necessarily integrate with workflow software, how I will get their information from that website to my workflow, then going ahead and keeping all the information in one place.”

Lenicio Noble, a Notary Signing Agent, and airSlate Academy student

Automation is the key to increasing business efficiency

Lenicio points out that surveying information has always represented a big chunk of his work. That’s where airSlate web forms come in handy.

“It could be two or five to ten questions, but whatever they are, there needs to be automation set in place to allow any business owner — small, medium, or enterprise — to take in the information without having to delegate so many tasks out,” says Lenicio.

In a post-COVID world, Lenicio has seen his business go completely online, allowing him to reach the customers he’s dealing with and nurture those relationships. 

As for small business owners who are just starting out, Lenicio recommends taking the first step and researching different software, in particular airSlate, because it can help automate their processes and business.

To code or not to code?  

One of the critical issues users face when choosing a workflow automation solution is that it requires coding or has a limited list of automation features. That wasn’t the case with airSlate.  

“I chose airSlate because it was a no-code solution,” says Lenicio. “As a workflow automation beginner, it was speaking to where I was at [and helped me] take the first step in the process, which I think is important in stepping into this sort of software.”Going through the airSlate Academy courses, Lenicio found video templates and process visualization extremely helpful for seeing no-code workflow automation in action.

Integrating Lenicio’s second profession with airSlate

Apart from being a professional notary, Lenicio is also a personal trainer. In this regard, he has used airSlate web forms to create surveys and send them out to potential clients. 

“I get notified when a client fills out a form,” says Lenicio.“Through that notification, I can follow up with them on their answers.”

Workflow automation saves time for Lenicio and his clients — he no longer needs to send out text messages manually because airSlate’s no-code Bots handle all the routine. 

“You can automate every aspect of your online business, especially if you sell digital courses or e-books. If you want to sell products online — [airSlate] is a great tool for that,” says Lenicio.

He’s now going to integrate automation into the process of developing courses for his clients.

“Another important factor in choosing airSlate is that I can use it for clients with a  professional financial background and people who are just here to work out. They want certain information and have no time to read and click through many links. I think it is essential to make it as straightforward as possible for both ends of the spectrum.”

Lenicio Noble, a Notary Signing Agent, and airSlate Academy student

eSignature workflow automation in one word

Lenicio is currently using airSlate, pdfFiller, and signNow, providing him with tools like eSignature, data collection, contract management, and workflow automation. He believes that eSignature is one of the most helpful tools he’s regularly using. It enables Lenicio to sign his contracts as a personal trainer and notary virtually.

When asked to describe how eSignature automation helps him thrive in his business, Lenicio replies:

“It allows me to be proactive, and if there’s a space in time where I realize it’s been a couple of hours, people forget things, or things come up, airSlate provides that ability to go ahead and keep track of where documents are and what stage they are in the process of being signed.”

Lenicio emphasizes that the efficiency airSlate offers is not about cutting corners or taking the short-end of any workflow. It’s about increasing efficiency and streamlining collaboration by keeping track of document completion,ensuring the process is going correctly, and seeing that deadlines are met.

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