How Telecom agents are being successful in selling SaaS solutions (such as signNow)

How Telecom agents are being successful in selling SaaS solutions (such as signNow)

Bot Girl here to talk to you about an exciting industry trend around Telecom. As you already know, we greatly value our partners here at airSlate. Which is why we want to go to market with the best distributors and resellers, so that together we can reach more people with problem solving applications (like signNow’s eSignature solution).

So, why are we seeing success in the telecom industry?

Like most of us, telecom agents have been working to solve their customers’ business problems by introducing new technologies over the years. It’s natural for them to establish themselves as a trusted advisor and continuously bring value to their customers through top solutions and services. This is why the telecommunications industry is expected to continue to expand.

Let’s back up for a minute. I set out to understand what the telecom industry is and who telecom agents are.

What is the telecom industry all about?

Telecommunications is an industry that focuses on making communication possible around the world. Not too long ago, that was all done by selling phone and internet services to businesses. Now, telecom agents are selling cloud services/SaaS solutions (like signNow!).

So, what’s a telecom agent?

A Telecom agent is a consultant that connects their customers with technology service providers or solutions that meets their business needs and goals.

Simply put, a telecom agent:

  1. Builds a trusted relationship with an organization
  2. Works to understand their business needs
  3. Provides the right solutions to solve pain points

In turn, the organization can drive even more revenue and save time and money. It’s a win-win.

What is a typical mindset of a telecom agent?

Telecom agents are all about digital transformation… my favorite topic! Their industry has evolved rapidly over the years — as technology develops, business needs change. So telecom agents must adapt too!

Telecom agents are constantly learning and adding new solutions and applications to their portfolio in order to help guide customers down the right path.

What’s great is business customers already prefer a subscription-based model, so it’s a no brainer to add a SaaS service as more and more companies move to the cloud.

Why is Telecom successful in driving SaaS solutions?

I’ve already mentioned this, but telecom agents build a trusted relationship with their customers to help them find and implement solutions from leading technology service providers. With the world making the shift to the cloud, subscription billing being the preferred method of purchasing, and the need for agile solutions, SaaS has been the new “go-to” for telecom agents to help their clients meet their business goals.

And, here at airSlate, we are committed to time-saving solutions that make people’s lives easier and better… so really it’s a perfect match!

AppSmart on Embracing Digital Transformation

I wanted a real example of some telecom agents who are seeing success in selling SaaS solutions, so I connected with Tom Turner, Partner Relationship Manager at AppSmart.

Tom shared how SaaS is the next big thing for those who want to broaden their scope in the Telecom market. That’s why Tom and his team focus on readiness, so they can successfully learn and articulate the value of SaaS solutions that meet their customers’ needs.

It’s undoubtedly been a big shift for these agents. Here’s what Tom said about welcoming change:

It’s important for telecom agents to embrace digital transformation and start learning and selling SaaS solutions to be successful. The evolution of telecom agents has looked like this: In the past, most telecom agents sold voice and connectivity solutions; then they moved to selling cloud services; and next is selling SaaS solutions which is a cloud service. If you don’t embrace SaaS solutions, you’re going to get left behind.

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