2024’s money makers: Your guide to the best 20 SaaS affiliate programs

2024’s money makers: Your guide to the best 20 SaaS affiliate programs

SaaS affiliate programs offer affiliate marketing opportunities within the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry. Content marketers and social media influencers partner with SaaS companies, receiving unique affiliate codes and UTM links to track referrals.

Affiliates share these links across various content platforms — social media, blog posts, YouTube videos, etc. The SaaS company commissions the affiliate when a customer uses a link or discount code. This relationship benefits both parties: SaaS companies gain new customers, while affiliates can earn steady passive income. 

As the global SaaS market is surging, with revenues projected to hit $908.21 billion by 2030 — standing on the sidelines isn’t an option. This blog will walk you through the top 20 SaaS affiliate program picks for 2024. Let’s get started!

Why should you join a SaaS affiliate program?  

Here are a few reasons why you should consider joining a SaaS affiliate program: 

  1. Lucrative commissions: SaaS products usually offer high commission rates, often 10-30%, due to their low overhead costs and substantial profit margins.
  2. Diverse product selection: The absence of physical inventory means a vast array of products at your fingertips without worrying about stock shortages.
  3. Recurring revenue: Many SaaS affiliate programs offer the benefit of ongoing commissions for the customer’s subscription, bolstering your income over time.
  4. Rich keyword terrain: The SaaS industry is ripe for content marketers, with plenty of comparison-based keywords like “Brand X alternatives” or “Brand X vs Brand Y,” providing ample content opportunities.
  5. Customer retention: SaaS products often become integrated into users’ lives, making them less likely to switch and more likely to generate consistent commissions for you.
  6. No use requirement: You’re not required to be a user to promote a SaaS product. However, firsthand experience could enhance your promotion efforts and help maintain your income stream.

Top 20 SaaS affiliate programs to consider in 2024

1. airSlate SignNow

This image shows the airSlate SignNow home page.

airSlate SignNow is the eSignature solution SMBs need: straightforward, reliable, and priced just right. It enables customers to collect legally-binding eSignatures from anywhere and on any device. Learn more about the perks of becoming a SignNow affiliate

  • Commission structure: Earn $40 to $80 CPA depending on monthly sales; API integrations could earn you up to $1,000 CPA.
  • Cookie window: 60 days.
  • Benefits:
    • Performance bonuses
    • Dedicated affiliate manager
    • A variety of marketing assets and access to playbooks 
    • High conversion rates
    • A complimentary premium account

The airSlate SignNow affiliate program is available on Impact and PartnerStack. For more information, visit the airSlate affiliate program page.

Become a SignNow affiliate today

2. pdfFiller

This image shows the pdfFiller home page.

pdfFiller is a powerful, all-encompassing solution for creating, editing, and managing PDF documents and forms in the cloud. Millions of people use pdfFiller to create and edit PDF documents online. 

  • Commission structure: Make $30 to $50 CPA based on monthly sales.
  • Cookie window: 60 days.
  • Benefits:
    • Performance bonuses
    • Dedicated affiliate manager
    • A variety of marketing assets and access to playbooks 
    • High conversion rates
    • A complimentary premium account

The pdfFiller affiliate program is available on platforms like PartnerStack, Impact, ShareASale, CJ, AdPump, and MaxBounty. For more information, visit the airSlate affiliate program page.

Become a pdfFiller affiliate today

3. DocHub

This image shows the DocHub home page.

DocHub is a PDF editor and eSignature solution that makes it easy to edit, sign, send documents, and fill out forms. DocHub’s deep integration with Google Workspace allows anyone to import, export, modify, and sign documents directly from Google apps.

  • Commission structure: A 40% to 60% revenue share based on monthly sales, valid for the first 12 months of a new customer, plus a trial commission.
  • Cookie window: 60 days.
  • Benefits:
    • Performance bonuses
    • Dedicated affiliate manager
    • A variety of marketing assets and access to playbooks 
    • High conversion rates
    • A complimentary premium account

For more information, visit the airSlate affiliate program page.

Become a DocHub affiliate today

4. US Legal Forms

This image shows the USLegal home page.

With two decades of expertise, US Legal Forms serves as a comprehensive legal document resource for individual consumers, attorneys, and SMBs. The platform facilitates document editing, eSigning, and notarization all in one place. 

  • Commission structure: Earn between $40 and $50 CPA, depending on the volume of monthly sales.
  • Cookie window: 60 days.
  • Benefits:
    • Opportunities for performance bonuses
    • The support of a dedicated affiliate manager 
    • Access to various marketing materials and playbooks

The US Legal Forms affiliate program is also part of Impact and ShareASale. For more information, visit the airSlate affiliate program page.

Become a US Legal Forms affiliate today

5. Instapage

This image shows the Instapage home page.

Instapage empowers marketers to create personalized, optimized landing pages quickly and efficiently without needing a developer. It is acclaimed as the most advanced landing page platform with AI-driven content adaptation, ad mapping, experimentation, and integrated analytics.

  • Commission structure: Affiliates can earn a 40% revenue share in the first year of a new customer’s annual subscription, 15% for subsequent years, and 30% for the first year of a monthly subscription.
  • Benefits:
    • Performance bonuses 
    • A dedicated affiliate manager
    • A variety of marketing resources

Become an Instapage affiliate today

6. HubSpot

This image shows the Hubspot home page.

HubSpot offers a full suite of marketing and sales tools, including CRM, social media, content management, lead generation, analytics, and SEO. Their affiliate program is straightforward and generous, with a continuous 30% commission rate.

  • Commission structure: 30% recurring commission for the first year of each sale.
  • Cookie window: 180 days.
  • Affiliate tiers:
    • HubSpot Affiliate: Base level with 30% commission
    • Super Affiliate: Base commission plus additional bonuses
    • Elite Affiliate: Custom commission rates
  • Benefits:
    • Guest blogging, raffles/giveaways
    • Regular meetings with account managers
    • Co-branded landing pages
    • Access to a resource center and 400+ marketing assets
    • Welcome bonus up to $80 for new affiliates
    • Periodic challenges for extra earnings.

7. Adobe

This image shows Adobe home page.

Adobe is a global SaaS titan, famous for its Creative Cloud suite, packed with tools for graphic design, video editing, web development, and photography like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Acrobat DC, and more. 

  • Commission structure: Affiliates enjoy earnings from 85% of the first month’s subscription to a generous $72 for annual plans, all stemming from driving new Adobe Cloud subscriptions.
  • Benefits:
    • Adobe arms affiliates with various engaging banners and text links
    • Unique promo offers are regularly provided for affiliates to entice their audience
  • Ideal partners:
    • Creatives, educators, tech and design bloggers, and digital art influencers 
    • Those catering to an audience of designers, photographers, videographers, and digital creatives.

8. Shopify

This image shows the Shopify home page.

Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform allowing entrepreneurs to craft and run their online stores efficiently through customizable templates, seamless payment processing, and comprehensive inventory management.

  • Commission structure: Affiliates enjoy a steady income with a 20% recurring commission for each referral that blossoms into a new Shopify merchant.
  • Ideal partners:
    • Bloggers, YouTubers, business coaches, educators, and online business strategists
    • Individuals and businesses looking to scale their online stores

9. SEMrush

This image shows the Semrush home page.

SEMrush is a digital marketer’s Swiss Army knife, offering robust SEO, PPC, content strategy, social media, and competitive analysis features.

  • Commission structure: Earn up to $200 for every new subscription sale, $10 for each new lead, and a penny for every new sign-up through your affiliate link.
  • Cookie period: 120 days.
  • Benefits: Promotional tools such as banners, links, widgets, and ready-to-publish content.
  • Ideal partners: SEO gurus, digital marketers, agencies, bloggers, and educators.

10. GetResponse

This image shows the GetResponse home page.

GetResponse is a versatile online marketing tool that can help elevate email campaigns, create landing page layouts, host webinars, and automate your marketing workflows to drive audience growth, customer engagement, and sales.

  • Commission structure:
    • The Bounty Program: A one-time commission of $100 per sale
    • The Recurring Program: A continuous 33% commission as your referrals keep using GetResponse
  • Cookie period: 120 days.
  • Benefits: Promotional materials including banners, videos, and more
  • Ideal partners: Digital marketing influencers, bloggers, email marketers, and business coaches.

11. ConvertKit

This image shows the ConvertKit home page.

ConvertKit offers powerful tools that allow creatives to expand their reach and nurture a strong connection with their audience via email campaigns, sophisticated automation, and seamless sign-up form integration.

  • Commission structure: 30% recurring commission for each referral who signs up, continuing for up to 24 months as long as they remain a customer.
  • Ideal partners: Content creators, marketers, and educators who specialize in fostering online communities or teach the ins and outs of impactful email communication.

12. WiX

This image shows the Wix home page.

WiX revolutionizes website and e-commerce building, offering user-friendly drag-and-drop tools for desktop and mobile interfaces and innovative logo creation utilities.

  • Commission structure: Earn a flat commission of $100 for every customer who purchases a Wix Premium package after clicking your Wix affiliate link. Wix has a monthly sales target, by which you must earn at least $300 per month to get paid.
  • Cookie window: 30 days.
  • Benefits: Wix’s affiliate dashboard is easy to use, and contains all the information and creative materials you need to drive sales.

13. Canva

This image shows the Canva home page.

Canva simplifies the design process for marketing professionals, providing an intuitive platform perfect for crafting banners, blog visuals, social media graphics, and logos using a wealth of ready-to-go templates.

  • Commission structure: Earn $36 for each subscription to Canva Pro that you facilitate.
  • Cookie window: 30 days.
  • Benefits:
    • Affiliates receive priority support through email and chat, along with swift payment processes for quicker earnings.
    • Track your progress effectively with cookie-based tracking systems and access exclusive ad templates designed with affiliates in mind.

14. Omnisend

This image shows the Omnisend home page.

Omnisend streamlines the creation of SMS messages, push notifications, and automated email campaigns, complemented by advanced tools for reporting, engaging pop-ups and forms, and precise audience segmentation for tailored messaging.

  • Commission structure: Earn up to 20% monthly recurring commission.
  • Cookie window: 90 days.
  • Benefits:
    • Partner with Omnisend and gain the backing of a dedicated account manager, tailored materials, and priority support to maximize your affiliate success.
    • Enhance your promotional strategies with seamless integration links for over 80 e-commerce apps and connections to major e-commerce platforms.

15. Pipedrive

This image shows the Pipedrive home page.

Pipedrive offers a robust CRM solution tailored to sales teams, enhancing the sales process with features like sales automation, lead management, analytical reports, email marketing tools, and more.

  • Commission structure: Earn 20% recurring revenue stream as you introduce new users to Pipedrive.
  • Cookie window: 90 days.
  • Benefits:
    • Pipedrive affords affiliates a top-tier reporting dashboard courtesy of the PartnerStack team, complemented by a dedicated affiliate support group.
    • Access a diverse array of marketing resources designed to help boost your promotional efforts.

16. AWeber

This image shows the AWeber home page.

AWeber is a robust email marketing solution that offers marketers a plethora of email design templates and a suite of tools aimed at amplifying online sales. AWeber’s ecosystem consists of comprehensive reports, templates, and robust tools, along with the capabilities to create e-commerce and landing pages that complement impactful email campaigns.

  • Commission structure: Earn up to a 50% recurring referral payments.
  • Cookie window: 365 days.
  • Benefits:
    • AWeber equips affiliates with a full advocate toolkit, featuring real-time visitor and sales tracking, email sale alerts, and customer referral newsletters.
    • Affiliate support is available by phone, email and live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

17. Unbounce

This image shows the Unbounce home page.

Unbounce is an AI-driven platform that simplifies the creation of smart pop-ups and landing pages. Also, it includes a built-in AI assistant for crafting compelling copy.

  • Commission structure: Earn up to 20% recurring revenue.
  • Cookie window: 90 days.
  • Benefits:
    • A dedicated partner coach to help the beginners.
    • Custom tracking dashboard to help affiliates track their earnings, along with a host of ready-to-publish promotional tools, templates, and training resources.

18. AnyTrack

This image shows the AnyTrack home page.

AnyTrack is a robust analytics tool that instantly tracks and syncs any conversion data source with an analytics platform of choice. It has helped countless DTC brands, lead gen agencies, and e-commerce giants in harnessing critical data to make more informed choices.

  • Commission structure: Earn a recurring 15% commission for every customer referred. 
  • Cookie period: 30 days.
  • Benefits:
    • Intuitive setup and real-time data 
    • The perfect combination of features for data driven marketing campaigns
    • Extensive integration catalog 
    • Channel-specific features for SEO, PPC, and social media

19. Saleshandy

This image shows the Saleshandy home page.

Saleshandy is a cold email outreach platform that equips companies with the tools to discover fresh leads and enhance their sales funnel. The platform offers innovative features that allow for tracking unlimited emails for free, scheduling emails, attaching and sending smart templates, automating follow-up emails and getting behavioral insights.

  • Commission structure:
    • A recurring commission of 25% on all sales, with additional rewards for top-performing SaaS affiliates.
    • A bonus system that incentivizes milestones, with potential bonuses of $25 and $50 for referring 5 to 10 customers within 30 to 60 days of  becoming a Saleshandy affiliate. 
  • Cookie period: 90 days. 
  • Benefits:
    • The affiliate program doesn’t require purchasing any plans to participate. No need to sign up, instant access to the dashboard. 
    • No bondages and no agreement, it’s possible to quit anytime.

20. FreshBooks

This image shows the FreshBooks home page.

FreshBooks serves globally as a lifeline for accounting and financial management, replete with tools for VAT, tax insights, invoicing, payroll management, and time-tracking.

  • Commission structure: Earn $10 for each new trial sign-up and $200 for every upgrade to a paid plan.
  • Cookie window: 120 days. 
  • Benefits:
  • Earn commissions for trial sign-ups, not just paid subscriptions.
  • Robust tracking tools and a vast range of promotional materials offered to affiliates.

Choosing the Best SaaS affiliate marketing programs

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of SaaS affiliate programs, it’s clear that now is the time to seize the potential within this thriving sector. Affiliate marketing isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme; it demands commitment. Joining a SaaS affiliate program can help you create a substantial and reliable stream of passive income.

So, why delay? Enroll in top-tier initiatives such as airSlate SignNow, pdfFiller, DocHub, US Legal Forms, and Instapage today. These platforms not only present compelling opportunities to boost your income but also deliver valuable solutions to your audience. For more details, visit the airSlate affiliate program page.