Document Workflow Automation for Sales Professionals

Are you a sales professional looking to advance your career? Discover the immense potential of automation to optimize your sales processes, reduce manual tasks, and enhance productivity.
Document Workflow Automation for Sales Professionals


This certification program takes you through the key fundamentals of document workflow automation tailored for a sales professional role. You’ll learn the ins and outs of document automation for sales to revolutionize your processes and achieve exceptional outcomes in the digital era.

By completing this sales certification program, you'll be able to build automated processes to effectively plan and run your sales operations. You’ll also receive a digital certificate to validate your newly acquired sales professional skills.

You will learn

    What document workflow automation is and why it’s important
    How document workflow automation simplifies sales processes
    How to build step-by-step automation for the most common sales processes


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Commence your journey in document automation for sales to unlock new business prospects

In commerce, time is of the essence, and efficiency is paramount for businesses to compete and achieve their goals. That’s why specialists whose responsibilities lie in trading and the company’s goods and service promotion are continually looking for ways to streamline their processes and upgrade sales professional skills. Putting document-heavy processes on autopilot is a game-changer for a successful trade, simplifying everyday work and ensuring prompt and more effective deal closures. Wondering how you can obtain the necessary skills in minimal time? airSlate Academy, with its comprehensive training in no-code automation, is the solution!

The power of document automation for sales

Workflow automation is a revolutionary approach. It enables sales professionals to seamlessly orchestrate, manage, and automate document-related tasks. By delegating tasks that are traditionally handled manually to bots, businesses experience:

  • increased data accuracy across forms and databases
  • improved team collaboration
  • simplified signature and payment collection

By automating routine processes such as proposal generation, contract management and negotiation, invoicing, and reporting, experts in trade and commerce can reclaim valuable working hours and reinvest them in client interactions and strategic commerce activities. This increased efficiency contributes to quicker deal closures and higher profit margins.

airSlate WorkFlow is the best solution for automating sales professional workflows. It’s an all-in-one, no-code platform that provides everything you need to automatically complete your routine and time-consuming tasks. It offers collections of forms and process templates, no-code integrations, analytical tools, team management, contract negotiation capabilities, and marketing automation for sales professionals to make their everyday work efficient.

airSlate Academy: the best automation training for sales professionals

No matter their level of technical skill, any person working in commerce can learn to put crucial business processes on autopilot within hours. airSlate Academy offers a specialized certification program that puts the potential of workflow automation for sales to work. It explains our platform’s functionality in simple terms and illustrates how to properly configure bots for different use cases. And it’s completely free of charge! So get on board to start enhancing your productivity today!

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Document workflow automation refers to the use of technologies to streamline paperwork-related processes in an organization. It usually involves a combination of databases, CRM systems, web forms, and robotic tools (bots) that make repetitive tasks run on auto-mode. It covers such sales professional processes as sending commercial proposals to prospective customers, contract negotiations, invoicing, deal closures, and reporting. It's crucial to improving the efficiency of trade operations, reducing manual work, enhancing customer experiences, and accelerating deal closures.

Specialists in the commercial sector should be looking for ways to constantly improve the skills they need to fulfill their responsibilities. This includes exploring industry trends, practicing public speaking, training for negotiations, etc. Apart from that, it’s essential to use the latest software solutions that simplify their regular tasks, just like airSlate WorkFlow. The best way for trade experts to learn using this end-to-end workflow automation platform is by enrolling in the airSlate Academy with its free certification for sales professionals. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the concept of document workflow automation and gives you practical insights into implementing its features into your work.

airSlate WorkFlow is a no-code platform, meaning its features are ready to use and don’t require extra coding from the user’s side. That’s why any person can quickly learn to create and set up automated workflows despite their technical background. If it’s your first time with our solution, you can learn about the platform’s basic features, bots, and use case descriptions before diving into our training in document automation for sales.

This training program covers many topics, both theoretical and practical. You will get an in-depth understanding of document workflow automation, the issues it helps to overcome, and the values it brings to a business. After that, you’ll get a detailed illustration of how the platform can help you simplify and optimize your processes. Upon completion, you’ll be proficient in contract management, reporting, marketing automation for sales professionals, etc.

The current certification program takes around 3 hours. This time involves reading the training materials, watching video illustrations of a workflow’s automatic setup, and taking the final quiz. Practicing your newly acquired knowledge will take more time after you start a free trial with airSlate WorkFlow and start configuring document automation for trade operations within your organization.

Unlike many courses for commercial experts, learning document automation with airSlate Academy costs nothing. All our certification programs are free of charge, as we've created our training programs to enable any person to quickly learn the latest and best practices for putting regular tasks on auto-run with minimal time and zero financial investment.