Secure document workflows for the IT sector

Streamline processes for your organization using an all-in-one automation solution. From client onboarding to product evaluation and customer care, start creating, automating, and integrating entire workflows using no-code technology.
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airSlate for the IT industry

Reach your cost-saving and productivity goals by eliminating paper-based processes. Create consistent experiences for your teams and customers through structured, automated document workflows. Solve data silo discrepancies while improving efficiency and data accuracy by introducing a single point of control over entire processes.

airSlate for the IT industry

Reach your cost-saving and productivity goals by eliminating paper-based processes. Create consistent experiences for your teams and customers through structured, automated document workflows. Solve data silo discrepancies while improving efficiency and data accuracy by introducing a single point of control over entire processes.
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Everything you need in an all-in-one platform

From eSigning to drag-and-drop process automation and hundreds of no-code Integration and Automation Bots ‒ get everything you need to build document workflows in one platform.
Drag-and-drop Flow creator
Create a visual representation of any workflow with the new and intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Automate real-time conditional routing and role assignments that allow for no-code workflow setup and deployment in minutes.
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Contract management
Negotiate in real time on a single platform. Insert comments, redline, and eSign contracts online while collaborating with stakeholders and keeping all parties in the loop with real-time updates.
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No-code robotic process automation
Build end-to-end automated workflows internally, no coding required, using 100+ no-code Bots. Add, combine, and customize the Bots to automate repetitive tasks and connect to multiple cloud apps.
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Collect and process data
From client onboarding to software feedback, get accurate information via customizable and actionable web forms. Automatically transfer data to your cloud apps or use it to trigger new workflows.
Automate your work with surveys
Improve communication by collecting client feedback via actionable web forms. Set up conditions within a survey, provide different levels of access, and accept payments ‒ all with a single online form.
Streamline document generation
Automatically generate contracts, quotes, and requests using the data you get from clients. Then, send docs for approval and update records in your cloud apps as a part of an end-to-end workflow.
Finalize documents with eSignatures
Sign contracts in minutes using legally binding eSignatures. Configure a role-based signing order and send reminders to all parties to ensure a comprehensive process while keeping everyone in the loop.
Share data with confidence
Keep your documentation safe with industry-leading security standards. airSlate complies with major regulations including SOC 2 Type II, PCI DSS, GDPR, and more.
Keep an eye on the most impactful data
Get a complete audit trail of all actions, tasks, users, forms, and more to gain insights into your business processes. Identify bottlenecks early on and follow your team’s progress with real-time data.
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See why airSlate beats any alternative on the market

Integrate with any cloud service via no-code Bots to streamline your document workflows

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Enterprise-grade security and compliance

airSlate is committed to protecting your sensitive information by complying with global industry-leading security standards.
SOC 2 Type II certification
Guarantees the secure management of your data & the privacy of your clients.
HIPAA compliance
Protects your patients’ private health information.
GDPR compliance
Regulates the use and holding of personal data belonging to EU residents.
PCI DSS certification
Safeguards credit/debit card data for every monetary transaction a customer makes.
Protects the privacy of student records maintained by an educational institution.
CCPA compliance
Enhances the protection of personal data and privacy belonging to California residents.

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Benefit from ready-to-use IT automation

IT specialists are able to build lots of different products from scratch. They can create CRM systems and databases to automate and simplify everyday tasks. However, companies rarely develop their systems for internal management. Typically, IT automation is reserved for clients.

What is IT automation?

IT process automation is often considered as infrastructure automation — a set of specialized processes used to reduce human interaction with multiple systems. It always includes repeatable scripts or functions that can be activated and used on command or by other software.

However, it’s a narrow understanding of the topic. The process of creating a product includes many challenges connected to human resources, time, type of task, and customer relations. Without the implementation of automated workflows, you’ll drown in paperwork. Basically, that means you and your team will have to spend time dealing with manual, routine actions instead of completing more income producing activities.

What is IT process automation with airSlate?

IT automation is the answer to ending the routine and allows users to concentrate on creating instead of paperwork or moving data around. airSlate eliminates boring, monotonous tasks so that developers can spend less time on maintenance or administration. Do more with the following benefits of airSlate Bots:

  • Saved costs. Spend less budget on human resources. Bots will do the monotonous work.
  • Increased productivity. Get greater output from the same amount of input by eliminating the need for breaks.
  • Minimized errors. Eliminate human error. If data is entered correctly the first time, airSlate Bots will push and pull it without changes.
  • Streamlined processes. Get more done significantly faster. Bots will remind specified recipients of actions until those actions are completed.
  • 24/7 availability. Run business processes non stop. Bots don’t take breaks or have vacations.

Actually, it’s just the very basics. In addition to IT automation tools, you get many other helpful features like legally-binding electronic signatures, a powerful PDF editor, customizable web forms, and integrations with different systems of record. All the required resources are ready to use. All you need to implement airSlate is your desire to improve existing processes and develop an outstanding company.

How to employ IT automation software

Implementing airSlate into existing workflows is a simple thing. However, it also requires some preparatory work. Follow the guidelines below to start using this kind of IT process automation software faster:

  • Choose a workflow to automate. Consider starting with one simple process.
  • Make a plan. Figure what your workflow should look like. Dive into the process and identify all bottlenecks and come up with methods to avoid them.
  • Create your airSlate account. Customize a Workspace and start building your first Template.
  • Prepare documents. Upload existing files or generate new ones with the built-in editor and form builder.
  • Use powerful elements and tools. Assign Roles and add Bots.
  • Test your Template. Put your automated workflow to use.
  • Work out errors. Adjust the Template for optimal execution.
  • Roll out. Present airSlate to other teams and departments, explain how it works, and get them set up with the airSlate Academy.

With airSlate, get all you need for doing business within one solution. Try it out now!

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