Digital Transformation Courses for Salesforce Admin

Get the most out of Salesforce by integrating document workflow automation. Learn to automate routine processes such as document generation, data and payment collection, approvals, and eSignature workflows of any complexity without having to switch between your CRM and your document workflow solution.

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  • How to streamline data collection
  • How to automate document generation
  • How to simplify data synchronization between multiple systems

Courses & certification programs for the professional development of Salesforce admins

Business Process Automation with airSlate
Get key insights into business process automation, its benefits, and how to eliminate routine tasks that slow down business performance.
Document Workflow Automation for Salesforce
Get familiar with the principles of document workflow automation for Salesforce. Find new ways to streamline routine processes and tasks — all with one solution.
Pre-fill from Salesforce Record
Find out how to automatically populate documents with data taken from Salesforce records to prevent errors and save time for more valuable tasks.

Why study with us?

Learn to integrate Salesforce with your automated workflows
Discover how to integrate Salesforce with airSlate workflows to automate routine data transfer, document generation, eSigning, and much more.
Benefit from an all-in-one solution
Address all of your daily workflow challenges with an all-in-one solution. Generate documents, negotiate contracts, and collect payments and eSignatures without switching between multiple tools.
Enhance data security and legal compliance
Learn how airSlate ensures customer data security and compliance by adhering to key data protection regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and so on.

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airSlate Academy: the best Salesforce administration training

It is hard to imagine a modern business operating without a CRM system or workflow automation solutions. These tools enable companies to collect and manage data effectively, helping them make informed decisions and successfully maintain their customer relationships. Salesforce is on the top list of best CRM solutions, as it provides a suite of tools that offers a 360-degree view of customers, helping to turn leads into customers and improving interactions with them. It combines marketing, sales, customer service, and IT solutions within a single digital workspace and requires the platform’s admins to manage the ins and outs of Salesforce automation.

What is Salesforce administration?

Every substantial software solution requires a dedicated administrator to keep all processes functioning well and to help users get the most out of the tool. That’s why Salesforce administrators are in great demand. Salesforce admins have a range of responsibilities related to platform maintenance that comprise the following:

  • Adding and managing user accounts, roles, sharing rules, and permissions
  • Maintaining the platform functionality and security
  • Upgrading tools for users, creating reports, and building custom dashboards
  • Training the company’s employees on platform updates
  • Importing/exporting information about leads, customers, and contracts for sales specialists
  • Configuring Salesforce automation and optimizing integrations with other applications

Let’s look at how Salesforce administrators can handle workflow automation and what digital transformation courses they should complete to help their organizations work more productively.

How to improve Salesforce automation

Workflow automation is crucial for a company’s productivity. It reduces the time and money spent completing repetitive tasks and helps employees focus more on customers and sales than manual data entry.

Salesforce administrators can automate repetitive business processes across the platform in two ways:

  1. By using the Salesforce native automation tools, such as Approvals, Process Builder, Workflow, and Flow Builder
  2. By integrating your CRM with third-party document workflow automation solutions to configure all your business processes and ensure they are running effortlessly

While Salesforce offers more than 5,000 applications in its AppExchange, airSlate proves to be a perfect match when it comes to streamlining workflows. Connecting multiple tools to your Salesforce organization is unnecessary for configuring efficient document workflow automation. With airSlate, you can:

  • Generate forms auto-filled with CRM data
  • Notify users of paperwork awaiting approval
  • Create/update Salesforce records based on completed forms
  • Autosave paperwork to CRM records and cloud storage
  • Launch particular processes in Salesforce upon document completion

You can eliminate manual task execution with the no-code Bots that airSlate uses to automate the workflows. Thanks to its no-code nature, airSlate doesn’t require long-term and complicated training. Still, its specialized digital transformation courses will help Salesforce admins become more effective in configuring automation quickly.

airSlate Academy online courses for Salesforce administration

We know how valuable time is for your business. That’s why we’ve created a special learning program focused on the particularities of airSlate’s integration with Salesforce. airSlate Academy offers a series of free online courses for Salesforce administration that include:

  • Training in business process automation that covers basic principles of airSlate functionality
  • Courses in document workflow automation for Salesforce
  • Training in configuring Salesforce Integration Bots

After a few hours and free of charge, you will know how to improve your data management and automate daily tasks with maximum benefits for your business. Enroll today!

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