Brand identity elements

Welcome to our hub for partner guidelines and assets. We want to make it easy for you to integrate airSlate products in your app while adhering to our brand’s legal/licensing requirements. Below you’ll find resources for combining your brand with airSlate brand elements. Be sure to review the guidelines that pertain to the airSlate assets you intend to use.


The airSlate logo is a universal symbol and an instantly recognizable brand. That’s why it’s important to use the logo exactly as specified in these guidelines to ensure its authenticity.
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Primary version

Our primary logo includes the full airSlate name, for which a special font has been designed. The airSlate logo in the Slate Blue color is considered primary, the reverse logo in white should be used when our primary color is used as the background and on darker colored backgrounds.

Brand icon

The brand icon can be both double and single color. Do not use the written logo and brand icon together. If you need additional logos, please request them from us directly at

Download logotype files

Logotype files — Print
Includes image, vector logotype, and the brand icon
Logotype files — Digital
Includes image, vector logotype, and the brand icon for digital application

Exclusion zone

The exclusion zone ensures the legibility and impact of the logo by isolating it from competing visual elements such as text and supporting graphics. This zone should be considered as the absolute minimum safe distance for most cases. The logo also has minimum size requirements to ensure impact and legibility.

Minimum sizes

16px height, 80px wide, approx.
Brand icon
20px height, 18px wide, approx.

Incorrect use of logo

The logo should not be misinterpreted, modified, or added to. No attempt should be made to alter the logo in any way. Its orientation, color and composition should remain as indicated in this document.

Do not rotate the logo

Do not change the logo color

Do not distort or warp the logo

Do not apply a gradient

Do not outline the logo

Do not change the typeface

Do not use the brand icon and the logo together

Do not use masks

Usage on backgrounds

The full-color brand icon should only be used on white. On black or aubergine backgrounds, use a single-color logo. Choose colors from the brand palette for your background. To use a photo on a background, you’ll need to overlay the color from the brand palette with 80% transparency.
Correct (#2C435C, 80%)
Correct (#2192EF, 80%)
Correct (#2C435C, 80%)
Correct (#2192EF, 80%)