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The Remove Slate Bot removes Slates from a Flow when certain conditions are met.

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The Remove Slate Bot removes Slates from a Flow when certain conditions are met.

Try automation, it’s free!

App Info

Bot author airSlate Inc.
When to install Install the Remove Slate Bot when you need to automate the process of deleting Slates from a Flow. For example, the Bot can be used to automatically delete unused payroll tax forms from a payroll workflow.
What the Bot does Removes Slate(s) within a single Flow.
setup duration on average 5-10 min.
Works on Post-fill

How to set it up

Outcome: Based on the conditions you’ve set, the Slate will be automatically removed from the Flow. The Slates created before you added the Remove Slate Bot won’t be deleted.

Commonly used conditions for when the Bot acts

  • When all fields in a Slate document are completed
  • When a specific Slate Revision is created
  • When the date is equal to a specific month or day of the week


To install the Remove Slate Bot, begin by setting up a Flow

Try automation, it’s free!

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Install the Remove Slate Bot to automate workflows

The Remove Slate Bot

What automation are we even talking about if we end up having to control most of the processes manually? With airSlate we are really talking about automation, it puts the auto back in automation. You can create Flows, add documents and optimize every step of your workflow. By using this digital assistant, you can remove a document from workflows automatically without wasting any time or effort. Set the conditions for when changes will be processed. This Bot can delete Slates when they are completed or after a fixed set of time. Feel free to customize the conditions set the ones that will be the most helpful for you when keeping your workspace in order.

Following the easy instructions in airSlate you’ll be able to delete a document from a workspace and receive the following benefits:

  • Keep your files organized
  • Automatically remove old documents
  • Create a smooth workflow

With just two easy steps you will be able to remove a document from a workflow. It’s a useful thing in combination with export Bots. Save the information in spreadsheets or other services (such as Salesforce, Dropbox, etc) and withdraw source files. You’ll always have access to your files quickly without wasting your time on slow searches.

If you don’t like the idea of automatically deleting Slates, don’t worry. When configuring the Bot simple set a time frame you feel comfortable with. For example, set the Bot to delete a Slate 30 minutes after completion to a year after completion. You are in control.

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