Mileage Reimbursement Workflow

The Mileage Reimbursement Flow is used by accounting departments to catalog costs for employee travel & expenses and account for employee reimbursements. Once an employee completes a Mileage Reimbursement Form, the accounting manager can transform any automatically calculated costs to their financial database. This helps to estimate mileage reimbursements and other expenses. Total amounts can be cataloged for accounting documentation and recording.

airSlate Mileage Reimbursement Flow Accelerates Your Claims

If the employee goes on a business trip, one shouldn’t cover all the related expenses. This is when the mileage reimbursement can help. It is a win-win opportunity to get tax reductions for both an employer and his staff. It will cover employee’s expenses on the trip, including payment for a remote-work, supplies, meals, and coffees that customers were treated to, commuting from/to the airport. To claim for the compensation the employee should go through a series of bureaucratic procedures and start with the application. airSlate Mileage Reimbursement Flow has been created to speed up and simplify the process. It has a number of advantages over the common application:

  • Simple and user-friendly HTML-form.
  • Remote and round-the-clock access to the link.
  • Time, resource and cost-saving option.
  • Notification and Reminder Bots.

airSlate Flow is a useful tool to help optimize some of HR and accounting business processes and redirect the focus on more urgent tasks. 

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