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What processes can I optimize with the airSlate’s Flow Automation Bots?
airSlate offers dozens of Bots, ready-to-use pieces of code for streamlining business processes that we’ve categorized according to their area of use. In the Flow Automation Bot category, you will find bots that automatically pre-fill documents with data retrieved from other forms, rename paperwork upon completion, and delete unnecessary or incomplete records. You can also configure auto review for your workflow (Create Technical Revision Bot), add extra steps with the Create Custom Event to Audit Trail Bot, and manage signatures.
How do you send automatic reminders for document completion?
Approval of such paperwork as contracts, sales orders, or invoices should happen on time for business processes to run smoothly and around the clock. To ensure that your authorizing staff remembers documents waiting for completion and signing, install our Create Slate Reminder Bot. This pre-programmed code added to your workflow will automatically remind your document recipients to fill their part out on time. You will only need to select your contacts, customize the text for your reminder, and set up a schedule for the Bot to act.
How do you autosave completed paperwork with required file names?
When you constantly send tons of documents to fill out, you need to organize them properly upon completion. It can take much time to manually sort out and rename all forms based on who completed them and when. airSlate enables users to save completed documentation with a new name based on the data provided. Use the Rename Document Bot or the Rename Attachment Bot to change file names once people fill out your forms and keep them well organized without extra effort.
How do you clean up signatures from documents?
airSlate has a built-in legally-binding eSignature tool that helps manage business paperwork faster and more efficiently. You can explore more about it here. Apart from approving documents, you may also need to discard previously used signatures from the system or make them invisible when exporting forms, which is possible thanks to the Hide Signatures Bot and the Remove Signature Stamp Bot added to your workflows. We’ve dedicated special courses in our airSlate Academy to instruct people how to use our signature-related bots quickly.