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How can automation improve your Zendesk workflow?
Zendesk is a powerful platform for managing your business and driving sales. Its records facilitate more sales and easier client management. However, while keeping the data systemized, Zendesk still has many manual processes that can use up many work hours. Creating contacts and product cards and preparing invoices, sales quotes, proposals, and contracts with Zendesk data is a time-consuming process that airSlate can make happen automatically. Set up airSlate and Zendesk automation to make your Zendesk workflow more efficient.
What is Zendesk integration automation?
Zendesk integration with our platform allows you to reduce all the manual work that using this service requires. Integrating airSlate with your Zendesk profile enables you to automate processes for creating records, updating them, filing in documents from your records, and exporting information to Zendesk without manual work. airSlate’s Bots help automate these processes following a set ‘if-this-then-that’ logic when installed in a particular workflow. Choose the process you want to automate and let your Bot do the work for you.
How do Zendesk integration Bots work?
airSlate Zendesk integration bots are pieces of no-code software that make processes on your platform run automatically. When integrated with your Zendesk account, they work as extensions for the platform's functionality. For instance, the Update Zendesk Records Bot will update your records, so you don’t have to do this task manually. They follow a simple ‘if-this-then-that’ logic, so all you need to do to run them is set the conditions to activate them. Our Bots are highly customizable, and you can select the event that triggers them in accordance with your business goals.
What Zendesk processes can I automate with airSlate?
With the help of airSlate integration Bots, you can automate many processes involved with Zendesk workflows. These Bots specifically take care of Zendesk processes:
  • Create Zendesk Record Bot → Automatically creates invoices, contracts, proposals, and contracts in Zendesk based on the information submitted through airSlate.
  • Update Zendesk Record Bot → Keeps information on your customers, product descriptions, and relevant contact info updated in your Zendesk records.
  • Export to Zendesk Bot → Transfer specific data from orders and sales quotes to dedicated Zendesk records.
  • Pre-fill from Zendesk Record Bot → Generates such documents as invoices and contracts based on the data taken from Zendesk records.
airSlate Bots help eliminate issues with data entry, saving your team time spent manually entering information.
How do you create Zendesk records automatically?
With the help of the Create Zendesk Record Bot, you can have Zendesk records created automatically. To set up any automation, go to the Bots tab and find it using your search engine. Click Install Bot to integrate it with Zendesk. Connect it to your account and set conditions for the Bot to run. The Bot will create a new Zendesk record when information submitted via airSlate meets the specified conditions. You can add as many conditions as you need.
How do you set automatic updates for Zendesk records?
If you want to update your records with contacts and client information without constantly running through each record, the Update Zendesk Record Bot can do it automatically. To run this Bot, find it in the Bots tab in the configuration menu with the help of the search engine. In the Bot settings, connect it to your Zendesk account, choose your records to update, and set conditions for the bot to run. It will update records every time its conditions are met.
How do you export data to Zendesk automatically?
With the help of airSlate automation, you can export information from quotes and orders to specific records in Zendesk. To run this automation, search for the Export to Zendesk Bot in the Bots tab of the configuration menu. When you connect the Bot to your Zendesk account, choose the export source for your data, such as an entity or table, and specify document fields from which to take data. After you set conditions for the Bot to act, it will export data from the selected entity to a Zendesk record whenever the conditions are met.
How do you export data from Zendesk records?
Using data from your Zendesk records, you can create documents, such as contracts and invoices, with the help of the Pre-fill from Zendesk Record Bot. Go to the Bots tab in the configuration menu and find it using the search engine. Install the bot and connect it to your Zendesk account. Then, pick the document you want to fill with data from your records and link it to those locations you wish to populate in your database. Set the conditions for the Bot to run, and it will automatically generate documents with information from your records.
Do I need to pay extra for Zendesk integration Bots?
We include access to all automation Bots in our airSlate subscription plans. You can install any that you want. Add as many Bots to your workflow as you need; we won’t charge you any additional fees for installing our Bots.
Do I need a developer to set up Zendesk automation?
airSlate automation Bots are a no-code solution, so you do not need to invite a third-party expert to run them. You can set any Bot in an intelligible and user-friendly interface, which does not require specific technical skills and takes less than 15 minutes to configure. If you want to know more about automation and Bots, check the airSlate Academy website. You can take curated interactive courses on how to work with airSlate and its automation solutions there.