Visitor Pass Workflow

The Visitor Pass Flow is used by administration departments to automatically collect visitor information and speed up the check-in process.

Automation setup:

  1. The Notification Bot is configured to notify the Flow Admin whenever a new request has been submitted by an employee.
  2. The Notification Bot notifies the Flow Admin once a request has been approved by the administrative manager.
  3. The Reminder Bot is set upto send email reminders to the administrative manager if they weren't able to approve the request form within the specified time period.
When a Visitor Pass form has been approved by the administrative manager, the requester will receive a notification to arrange a meeting. The Visitor Pass form allows administration departments to collect all required information about a guest and meeting details.

Try airSlate Visitor Pass Flow to Simplify Bureaucratic Procedures for Visitors

Security-wise all the visitors should be recorded in the guest book of the company, sharing their personal data. Afterward, the company provides them with the visitor pass to enter the office. Further on their data is forwarded for computing to the administration department. Visitors' manual entries are very inconvenient and sometimes inaccurate, and the handling of their requests is time-consuming. Automated Visitor Pass is an excellent solution to the problem. It helps to streamline and speed up workflow and optimize the respective business process.

It's key benefits incorporate:

  1. Simple and easy fillable HTML-form.
  2. Opportunity to integrate your workflow with CRM, Cloud storage and email services.
  3. Integrated Notification Bots.
  4. 24/7 and remote access for the staff.

The airSlate Flow will significantly expedite the processing of administrative tasks and free time for new opportunities.

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Documents & Forms included:
Visitor Pass
11 Fillable fields
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Bots included:
Email Notification Bot
Configure and send out email notifications
Pre-fill from Google Sheets Bot
Pre-fill a Slate with data from a Google Sheet
Assign Slate Name Bot
Assign a name for a completed Slate
Export to Google Sheet Bot
Export data from a Slate to Google Sheets