New Contact Workflow

The New Contact Flow is used by HR departments to automate the process of adding new contacts to a company’s database. An HR manager initiates the New Contact Flow to automate the collection of contact information from new customers, vendors, suppliers or partners during the contracting process. Once an employee completes the New Contact Form, all data is instantly transferred to the HR database where it can be easily retrieved at any moment.

Add New Contacts to Your System With Minimum Efforts

Proper organization of your contact database is a key point of the successful business as it helps to build trustful relations between customers, partners and the company. That’s why it’s highly important to optimize your communication management and automate new contact entries for smoother business processes. With airSlate, you can do it easier than ever before and get the following benefits:

  1. More convenient collaboration with newly joined people in your Workspace.
  2. Synchronization with the CRM.
  3. Export of contacts and personal data.
  4. Assigning roles and setting up specific configurations when distributing documents.
  5. Notifications and reminders to keep the required actions up-to-date.
  6. Real-time tracking of Document Slates changes.

When talking about workflow automation, airSlate is a perfect solution for any business that creates a complete cycle of collaboration with your colleagues, partners, and customers. Easily add new contacts and manage them within your personal Workspace.

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New Contact
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Open under a Role Bot
Allow role-specific editing
Pre-fill from Google Sheets Bot
Pre-fill a Slate with data from a Google Sheet
Email Notification Bot
Configure and send out email notifications
Assign Slate Name Bot
Assign a name for a completed Slate
Export to Google Sheet Bot
Export data from a Slate to Google Sheets