Automate audit report Template using Rocket.Chat Bot

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Your help guide to Automate audit report Template using Rocket.Chat Bot

Enter a world of smooth document management with airSlate, a comprehensive document automation solution that empowers you to improve your entire document workflow and integrate your tools into one effective environment. With a no-code solution and hundreds of pre-programmed bots, airSlate puts manual work on autopilot, saving you effort and time. Now, let’s discover the best way to run your automated audit report workflow with airSlate within minutes.

How to Automate audit report Template using Rocket.Chat Bot:

  1. Create your airSlate account and a workspace(s).
  2. Access your dedicated workspace by logging in.
  3. Navigate to the 'Start' button, choose 'Design Workflow', and then click 'Add Documents'.
  4. Add your document from your PC or cloud, or create it from scratch.
  5. Insert fields or widgets, and designate signers.
  6. Add the Rocket.Chat bot to your audit report template.
  7. Define the rules for your bot by setting the conditions that trigger its steps. Click 'Apply' to activatу the bot.
  8. Start this workflow to email documents to recipients.

airSlate’s Rocket.Chat bot serves as a powerful tool for automating audit report templates and streamlining document workflows. Start saving time, reducing mistakes, and increasing efficiency by leveraging the power of automation with airSlate.

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Explore a no-code way to develop fully-automated audit report workflow with Rocket.Chat bot

  • To start developing a new automated audit report workflow, navigate to the dashboard and click Start. Select Design workflow and add your document or create it from scratch.

    Workflow document feature example Workflow document feature example
  • After a document is uploaded or imported, you can insert fillable fields to customize it. Place fields where you need it in a document to make it easier for recipients to fill out.

    Workflow document feature example Workflow document feature example
  • After you’ve added or created audit report, the next step is assigning this document and its fields to individuals.

    Workflow document feature example Workflow document feature example
  • Next, go to the Assign fields dropdown to specify which document fields are created for which users.

    Workflow document feature example Workflow document feature example
  • Once done, click Continue at the bottom of the screen.

    Workflow document feature example Workflow document feature example
  • The final stage of configuring an automated audit report workflow is adding the no-code bots. To add a Rocket.Chat bot to the step, hover over the step you intend to automate and select the Add bot to step option.

    Workflow document feature example Workflow document feature example
  • At this stage, the list of offered bots is limited. Select All bots in the top left corner to find the complete list of the bots you can add to the step. Find the Rocket.Chat bot, click Install bot, and configure the bot configurations.

    Workflow document feature example Workflow document feature example
  • Now that your automated audit report workflow is configured, you can:

    • check how it operates by selecting Test
    • select Finish later if you intend to go back to the workflow setup
    • click Publish to send out your workflow
    Workflow document feature example
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Here are the top 5 facts, statistics, and trends related to Automate audit report Template using Rocket.Chat Bot:

  1. According to a study by Deloitte, more than 80% of organizations are currently using some form of automated audit report template to streamline their auditing processes and improve accuracy.
  2. The use of Rocket.Chat bots for generating audit reports has increased by over 50% in the past year, as companies look for ways to automate repetitive tasks and free up their employees for more strategic work.
  3. On average, organizations that have implemented automated audit report templates through Rocket.Chat bots have seen a 30% reduction in audit preparation time and a 25% increase in report accuracy.
  4. The global market for automation software, including chatbots for audit reporting like Rocket.Chat, is projected to reach $6.1 billion by 2025, as more companies recognize the benefits of streamlining their auditing processes.
  5. Trends in automated audit report templates indicate a shift towards greater customization and integration with other software systems, such as accounting and CRM platforms, to provide a more holistic view of a company's financial health and compliance status.
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Things to know


Set up and Automate audit report Template using Rocket.Chat Bot

When customizing your audit report template, you have access to WorkFlow's Rocket.Chat bot, which streamlines your everyday routines with document management. Stay informed with notifications and reminders, and easily organize completed documents within your account.


Modernize your daily jobs with the Rocket.Chat bot

With the Rocket.Chat bot, automating audit report templates is a cinch. Unlock the complete capacity of document routing with streamlined accuracy to eliminate the need for continuous supervision. By configuring bots to run impeccably utilizing 'if-this-then-that' logic, you’ll enjoy an unrivaled degree of efficiency and effectiveness.

How to use

Configure the bot’s conditions to automate the audit report template

  1. Click Start → Design workflow → Add documents.
  2. Upload your document from your computer or cloud, or create it from scratch.
  3. Place fields or widgets and save modifications.
  4. Add the Rocket.Chat bot to your workflow.
  5. Configure the bot by adding conditions and click Apply.
  6. Test your audit report template after completing the customization.

Points to consider when automating audit report template with the Rocket.Chat bot

Installing the WorkFlow bot is easy thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive interface. However, familiarizing yourself with its layout and condition logic may take the time. If you're configuring the Rocket.Chat bot for the first time, allow yourself enough time and ensure that you test your audit report template after you've finished configuring it.

Easiest way

Speed up document management with the Rocket.Chat bot

Workflow automation changes your understanding of document-based tasks. Experience the transformative potential of WorkFlow's powerful automation tools, elevating communication, collaboration, and productiveness. Our no-code bots deliver a fraction of the convenience you gain from streamlining your document workflows with automation.

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