Internal Job Application Workflow

The Internal Job Application Flow is used by HR departments to automate the process of collecting and reviewing applications for new hires. When an applicant wants to submit their qualifications for a new position, they begin by filling in and submitting the application form. The HR and department manager are then notified that a new application has been received and can begin reviewing the form. All submitted data is automatically transferred to an employee database for future reference and recording.

The Internal Job Application on airSlate Ensures Confidentiality

Companies and organizations always focus on supporting their staff’s career goals through promotions and transfers. It also happens that external candidates are not considered for the opening as they lack specific experience. Besides, already recruited candidates should have vivid and proven achievements and are integrated into the environment. 

However, competition among them is higher compared to external influences. This is why HR pays thorough attention to confidentiality. airSlate Internal Job Application processing is a good solution to the problem.

The automated management of this recruitment contains the following advantages:

  • Opportunity to ensure confidentiality.
  • Chance to fill out the form and submit it on the go or remotely.
  • Notification Bots confirm the form’s submission.
  • The automated system manages, stores and processes the forms.
  • Prevention of errors and excluding re-work.

The airSlate Internal Job Application Flow is an excellent tool to diminish HR’s workload, optimize the recruitment processes and manage workflow.

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Internal Job Application
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Email Notification Postfinish Bot
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