Vendor Payment Workflow

Procurement departments use the Vendor Payment Flow to streamline the invoicing process in order to cycle and avoid errors caused by manual data entry. Once completed, Slate data is copied to a database, allowing the procurement department to ensure timely delivery of services or goods. The workflow also automates purchaser verification and allows for faster payment processing for items purchased from vendors.

Digitalize Vendor Payment Flow with airSlate

Every company wants to get the best return on investment. 

The digitalization of all organizational processes is an integral part of it. Potential control over the process and fast handling of every invoice save to the company the human labor, time, and materials. The implementation of the Vendor Payment Flow provides effective document management, invoice tracking, and collecting payment records.

The realization of this process with airSlate has the following benefits:

  1. Simple registration through the form or one of the available social networks.
  2. Fast HTML form creation and sharing.
  3. Customization of reminders and notification for the full control over filing.
  4. Pre-filling of available details from Excel Spreadsheet or database.
  5. Setting up individual roles and permissions for every user in your Workspace.

The templates, processed through the digital vendor payment process, guarantee accurate filing and auditing. 

As a result, the percentage of human error eliminates, and the entire accounting process simplifies.

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